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America Sings! Inc. was founded in 1988 by John Jacobson and a group of his friends who supported John’s dream of hosting a noncompetitive, outdoor choral festival. Inspired by the philanthropy of professional musicians, John knew that young amateur singers could also make a positive difference in their communities and would have a good time doing it!

After the first festival in Washington DC, America Sings! was determined to reach even more singers by creating opportunities for them to combine music and charitable service. America Sings!, a 501c3 charitable nonprofit corporation, expanded its operations to produce festivals and special events in cities across America. Singers from all fifty states have attended America Sings! events and have completed community service projects to help charities in the cities where the events are held as well as in their hometowns. They donate tons of goods to food banks, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, programs for children who are sick, hospitalized or in child care centers. They donate funds to the America Sings! Share the Hope Fund which is given to recognized charities benefiting disadvantaged children.


To educate young people about the joys of philanthropy and their opportunities for charitable service and giving.

To provide high-quality, non-competitive performing opportunities for young singers and dancers from choral organizations.

To make direct contributions on behalf of these young choral performers to established children's charities, especially donations for disadvantaged children.

To promote throughout the nation's schools and the national media, a positive image of American youth involved in public service to needy children through the performing arts.

To promote and stimulate interest in choral music as an art form among young people and the general public as a whole.

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